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Research at the ISSHS

ISSH-Skopje aims to not only contribute for the better understanding of the societies of Macedonia, Europe and globally, but also to the research fields in which it is active as well. In other words, its long-term goal setting the trajectory of its programmatic development in terms of research is twofold:
– (a) to produce convincing interpretation of the society (in its cultural-political and gendered complexity), based on solid argumentation and empirically soundly corroborated, on the basis of which – (b) policy solutions shall be created promoting and enabling institutional and cultural transformation toward an inclusive and social justice committed society.

The challenge to interpret concrete social realities and invent plausible and feasible policy solutions to counter the realities in question will be also a challenge to test the theoretical pertinence of concepts or conceptual apparatuses employed in social and humanities research. In other words, the applied research will itself aim to conceptual innovation by serving as a provocation to test major ideas possessing the status of strong authority in the academia.