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MA program in Cultural studies

Cultural studies is an interdisciplinary area in the social sciences and humanities. It includes the fields of philosophy, sociology, literature, political sciences, linguistics, history, psychoanalysis and others.

The unifying element of all these approaches is the shared epistemological framework in the tackling of issues concerning societal structure, political legitimacy in the functioning of state institutions, administrative systems and the establishment. Namely, cultural studies investigates what it means to be a subject (regardless of whether collective or individual) to the norms of society, materialized as either institutional policies and laws or as culture. Moreover, it focuses on the fact that the underlying cultural paradigm is always already reflected in the written and in the unwritten norms of numerous social, political and economic phenomena, traditionally studied within specific disciplines.
The mechanic separation of the specific aspects of social phenomena according to specific disciplines, their reduction to static objects of analysis aims to provide stability for the separate disciplines. It does not allow interpreting the complexity of the object of investigation. Thus, we get a fragmented picture of a unique, complex and dynamic social phenomenon. At ISSHS, through the interdisciplinary training we offer, we aim to do precisely the opposite and address the subjects of study in their aspect of complexity which requires political, sociological, psychoanalytic, ethnological, economic approaches.

Professional opportunities: The research community in Macedonia (scientists and analysts in numerous think-tank centers and NGOs) is in need of of scientific and skill oriented training of the analysis of the cultural aspects of socio-economic, political and gendered phenomena. On the other hand, in today’s era of engaged cultural (art) practices, artists, cultural managers, professionals and activists in NGO’s in the area of culture, are in need of training that will enable them to understand the functioning of theinstitutions of the state, political and economic trends from aspect of “organic integrity” proffered by the underlying cultural paradigm.

Academic title to be earned upon graduation:
After completing the studies (of 300 ECTS earned in the first and the second cycle of studies) and upon a successful defense of the master thesis, the student will earn an MA degree in Cultural Studies.

Terms of enrollment: 4-year undergraduate degree (or acquired 240 ECTS credits) in the field of social sciences and humanities. High grades from BA studies are not required, although can be an advantage.

Costs of study: The price for the study program is 550 Euros in MKD. This amount includes all costs of studying and study materials while the defense of the thesis is paid separately (250 Euros).

ISSHS is accredited by the Board of Accreditation and Evaluation of the Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia. It is also a scientific institution certified as such by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia is fully integrated in the EU Bologna system of the higher education and as an EU candidate country participates in all of the mobility and research schemes offered by the EU Directorate of Education and Culture and the EU Directorate of Research. ISSHS’s documents of accreditation can be found in the Documents section of this website.

Contact persons: Risto Aleksovski (risto.aleksovski@isshs.edu.mk), Viktorija Borovska (viktorija.borovska@isshs.edu.mk), Email: info@isshs.edu.mk

Beside the educational activities, students can participate in research projects of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities on topics related to society, culture, politics and gender. The Institute organizes conferences, public debates, symposia and summer schools. Publishing is one of the regular activities of ISSHS.



European Commission Awards the Erasmus Charter to ISSHS