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Viktorija Borovska

Viktorija Borovska

Viktorija Borovska is Ph.D. Researcher at Institute for Social Studies and Humanities- Skopje. She holds anPh.D. in Sociology. She has worked on many projects in the area of social and humanity sciences, selection of the recent research projects and positions: Researcher “Independent Context Watch 2014”; Researcher: “Official Language Usage in Municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia”; Researcher: “Skopje 2014 Project and its Effects on the Perception of Macedonian Identity Among the Citizens of Skopje”; Researcher: “Ethnically and Gender Inclusive Grass-Root LGBT Movements in Macedonia”; Trainer of the training: “Gender equality as social value and creating policy for its implementation in practice of the institutions and society”;

Researcher : “Ethnically and Gender Inclusive Grass-Root LGBTI Movements in Macedonia”; Researcher of the studies for Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Macedonia regarding the gender representation and presence of gender issues in TV media (2012 and 2013); Researcher: “Improving the forcibility of mechanisms and instruments for judiciary’s independence in Macedonia”; Coordinator and Researcher of the research project “Index of Social Inclusion at Local Level: Creating an Instrument for Evaluation of the Equality of Access and Fair Allocation of Local Services” (2010-2011); Researcher of the project Gender, Migration, Intercultural Relations- Ge.M.I.C; founded under FP 7- Cooperation -.Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (2008-2011).

She also has the methodological experience in designing quantitative/qualitative methodology of research projects, as well as practical experience in collecting qualitative and quantitative data, processing of data and its analysis.

She participated in seminars, workshops and courses, just to mention: ReSet Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching “Gender and Women’s studies in Southeastern Europe: Rethinking Ideologies and Strategies of Their European Integration”; “Gender issues and concepts of feminism”.

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“Who owns Alexander the Great: A Question Upon Which EU Enlargement Relies”, ISSHS, co-author, 2013;
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