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Alliances for EU mobile app

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our new app for our Alliances for EU project, which allows users to access all of the content from our online platform on their mobile devices. This interactive application offers podcasts, blogs, visualizations and, crucially, an area where citizens of both North Macedonia and Bulgaria may directly offer their opinions on how to improve the relations between the two countries, convey knowledge of (self)critique towards their own society (everyone from their own perspective), and tell stories about what connects and what separates the two nations. The application itself is designed for Android devices, and all you need to do is directly download the APK from the link below. If you do not have an Android device you can still access our online platform via the following link: https://www.alliancesforeu.org/

You can download the mobile application on this link: https://www.alliancesforeu.org/mobile-app