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Feminist Education for the Masses: Hybrid Informal School for Young Women in North Macedonia 2021

In October and November 2021, ISSHS organized the hybrid Informal School for Young Women in North Macedonia. The aim of the initiative was to reach out to as many gender and women’s rights activists, organizations, collectives and individuals, in order to introduce them to the fundamental concepts and history of ideas they perhaps spontaneously operate with however lacking the indispensable knowledge to make their struggles more effective and their goals and priorities better defined.

The lecturers and the title of the courses were:

1) Katerina Kolozova: A Brief History of the Women’s Liberation Movements, the key intellectual ideas and their political reflections, including the liberal feminist tradition, the socialist and the feminist legacies, second and third wave feminism

2) Iskra Gerazova-Mujcin: Gendered Aspects of Public Health

3) Katerina Kolozova: Intersectionality, including the issue of economic and class equality

4) Ana Blazeva: Gender sensitive policy making

5) Viktorija Borovska: Feminist Perspectives of Motherhood

6) Ana Blazeva: Feminist Research

7) Donna Kolar-Panova: Academic Writing

8) Student Presentations