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“Illiberal Democracies” in Europe: An Authoritarian Response to the Crisis of Illiberalism, published by George Washington University (Washington DC, 2023)

Katerina Kolozova carried out her research in France, Germany and parts of the former Eastern block with the support of our Institute and Columbia University – SIPA, Global Centers Paris, which put her in touch with the co-editor of this monograph, Niccolò Milanese, and the majority of the authors which contributed to this volume seeking to explain the phenomenon of “illiberal democracy” (as defined by Viktor Orbán) and its effects on different forms of populist authoritarianisms and the new (once called “alternative”) rightwing political discourse. Publisher George Washington University (Washington DC, 2023), editor of the series Marlene Laruelle, download available free of charge: https://lnkd.in/dy294i3b Contributors include Elise Bernard -PhD, Amélie Jaques-Apke, Jacques Rupnik, Luke Cooper, Seongcheol Kim, and others. Many thanks to Aspen Institute Berlin which helped in the process, including by organizing an important workshop with Anton Shekhovtsov and Tanja Boerzel in 2019 (the publication process suffered delays until 2023, but 4 years later, the study is out). Link to the book: https://www.illiberalism.org/illiberal-democracies-in-europe-an-authoritarian-response-to-the-crisis-of-illiberalism/