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Vol. 18 No. 1-2 (2021): Reimagining the Future in an Exhausted Present

ISSHS is proud to announce the issuing of the 18th volume of Identities: Journal for Gender, Politics and Culture.

Identities, Vol.18, No. 1 – 2 is available in print and online on this link: https://www.identitiesjournal.edu.mk/index.php/IJPGC/issue/view/26



Vincenzo Maria Di Mino: Through Exchange: Karatani Compared with Marx [EN]

Kamelia Spassova: Mimetic Machines in the Uncanny Valley [EN]

Serge Valdinoci: François Laruelle: Pour une pensée-fiction Review Essay on François Laruelle’s Tétralogos: Un opéra de philosophies [FR]

Frank Engster: Excerpt from Chapter One of Frank Engster’s Book: Das Geld als Maß, Mittel und Methode Das Rechnen mit der Identität der Zeit (Berlin: Neofelis Verlag UG, 2014) [EN]

David Roden: Ways of Unworlding: Against Aesthetic Inferentialism [EN]

Anne-Françoise Schmid: Sciences, Philosophies, and the Question of Borders [EN]

Zachary De Jong: Reimagining the Oikos [EN]

Maxwell Kennel: Plato, Adorno, and the Dialectic [EN]


Oscar Pichardo Isaak: An Algorithmic Socialism in Defense of the Lived Without Life: A Political Proposal through Capitalism’s Holocaust of Animals by Katerina Kolozova [EN]

Naum Trajanovski: A Review of the Partisan Counter-Archive: Retracing the Ruptures of Art and Memory in the Yugoslav People’s Liberation Struggle by Gal Kirn [EN]