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Vol. 20 No. 1-2 (2023): Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture

ISSHS is proud to announce the issuing of the 20 volume of Identities: Journal for Gender, Politics and Culture.

Identities, Vol.20, No. 1 – 2 is available in print and online on this link: https://www.identitiesjournal.edu.mk/index.php/IJPGC/issue/view/28


Gábor Egry: Historical Reconciliation: Hungarian Lessons (EN)

Spasimir Domaradzki: EU Enlargement and Geopolitics: Is it Relevant Today? (EN)

Michal Vit: In Search of Principles of Visegrad (Economic) Cooperation and its Inspiration for Bilateral Relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria (EN)

Juraj Marušiak: Slovakia and North Macedonia: A Comparison of Experiences in Resolving Neighbourly Disputes (EN)

Katerina Kolozova: For a Geopolitical Instead of Technocratic Approach to the EU Enlargement Process: Addressing the Aftermath of the Lifted Bulgarian Veto (EN)

Dimitar Vatsov, Veronika Dimitrova, Ljubomir Donchev, Valentin Valkanov, Milena Iakimova: The Pro-Russian Propaganda Machine in Bulgaria, and the Russian Style Representations of North Macedonia (EN)

Stefan Detchev: Deportations from Macedonia and their Place in Bulgarian-Macedonian Relationships (EN)

Astrit Salihu: Venturi Philosophically Revisited (Robert Venturi and the revival of modernism) (EN)

Miglena Nikolchina: Survival of the Human in the Flux of Language (EN)