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Activities of the ISSHS

Activities of the ISSHS

Recognizing the complexity of the analyses of the socio-political processes in Macedonia the Institute is committed to developing an innovative scientific, context based approach that shifts from the commoditization with ready established patterns of interpretation. The Institute embarks on the challenge of introducing a new discourse in the social processes, events and practices in the country through analyzing and interpreting the social fabric in its essential conditions and political dynamics which serve as the indicator of the prevailing discourses and representations experienced in the present. The primary means of realizing this commitment is the ongoing research activity. Apart from the research itself, other activities are undertaken such as organizing events which entail research but also research oriented scholarship and teaching (on at least graduate level)

Main forms of organized events are:
Summer schools and summer universities;
International symposia, colloquia and conferences;
Annual conferences that center around the chief findings of the core research activity of the Institute.
Producing international publications, including a peer-reviewed journal launching occasional calls for papers, is the third form of activity undertaken by the ISSH-Skopje

A long term goal is offering accredited graduate study programs in all areas of research, in accordance to the right stipulated by the Law for Higher Education rendering all scientific-research institutions (that are part of the Register of scientific institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science) eligible to organize second and third cycle accredited studies in its fields.

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