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"IDENTITIES" Journal Vol 12

“IDENTITIES” Journal Vol 12

ISSHS is proud to announce the issuing of the 12th volume of the Journal for Gender, Politics and Culture “Identities.” This issue is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe and is part of the ISSHS project “School of Politics and Critique 2015”

“Identities” vol.12, “From Streets to Institutions: Horizontal Democracy and its Transformation into Protest Parties” is available in print and online at http://identitiesjournal.edu.mk

François Laruelle
Non-Standard Marxism:
A Quantum Theory Approach

Alekos Alavanos
Six Questions on the Greek Crisis
that are Difficult to Answer

Jan Ritsema
Property Revisited:
Or Let’s Help History Take Another Direction

Elisabeth von Samsonow
Electra’s Oracle: A Schizo-Geo-Analytical Account
of Accelerationist Hyperstition

Stanimir Panayotov in Conversation
with Elisabeth von Samsonow
We Are Wanted by the Earth

Jordan Shishovski
and Kalina Lechevska
Overregulation as a Means of Control:
Stifling the Media freedom
and Educational System in Macedonia

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