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WORKSHOP ON METHODOLOGY: “Economics in an Era of Automated Labor: European Perspectives,” Interdisciplinary Methodology of Approaching Teaching Contents Concerning Economy and Digitalization

It is great pleasure to announce that in the Library of the Institute of Social and Humanities – Skopje on 22 September 2023, A workshop on interdisciplinary methodology for building curricula and content addressing the theme “Economics in the Age of Automated Labour: European Perspectives” will be held.” It will focus more narrowly on Southeast Europe. The event will offer educational policy solutions that would allow for deep integration between SSH (social and humanities) and STEM sciences, both in terms of curricula as well as textbooks and teaching approach.

This workshop will include: the Faculty of ISSHS, as well as guests from the Faculty of Medical Sciences University of St. Cyril and Methodius – Skopje and Prof. Dr. Agim Rushiti, Director of the Agency for Quality in the Higher Education of North Macedonia. Moderator: Ass. Prof. Tihomir Topuzovski. A keynote address will be delivered by the Deputy President of the Government on European Affairs, Bojan Maricikj, focusing on the importance of the Bologna process for the country’s EU integration.

In this Workshop, the results of the study on methodology on interdisciplinary economics in an area of automated labor, a joint product of the EIDE consortium consisting of: Institute for Social and Human Sciences – Skopje (North Macedonia), University of Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria), Pantheon University (Athens, Greece), Faculty of media and communication (Belgrade, Serbia) will be debated.

The project “Innovation-oriented Education in the Era of the ‘Twin Transition’: Focus on Southeast Europe” is implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ program of the National Agency for European Educational Policies and Mobility of North Macedonia.

Below, you can download the Agenda for the event (in three languages)